The Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office Internship Program allows current law school and college students the opportunity to work closely with prosecutors to develop cases, research and write motions and memoranda of law, interview witnesses and victims, and meet with law enforcement officers. Interns will assist prosecutors in preparing discovery, subpoenaing witnesses, and determining charges. Throughout the Program, interns will have the opportunity to observe both bench trials and jury trials. The Internship Program aims to provide students with a rewarding experience in which they are exposed to the daily workings of a prosecuting office.

This is an unpaid internship; however, interns should check with their schools regarding the requirements to earn class credit if desired.

Interested students should send a resume and cover letter expressing interest in the Program to:

Anthony B. Covington, State’s Attorney
Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office
P.O. Box 3065, La Plata, MD