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La Plata, MD – David Martin Barnes, 44 of Indian Head, is unfortunately quite familiar with the Charles County and state of Maryland’s legal justice system. He has been a frequent visitor to La Plata.

Having violated probation with a string of third-degree burglary charges, Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Jared I. Albert found himself with a half-dozen cases set for disposition before Charles County Circuit Court Judge Amy J. Bragunier Tuesday, Jan. 31.

The judge put the cases all to rest, sentencing Barnes to a flat three years in the Charles County Detention Center with an additional ruling that she would grant him a bed in a treatment facility toward the end of that active-time sentence.

“It is notable that the defendant has three prior convictions for violating protective orders,” Albert argued. “With the new burglary charges, he violated his probation in those cases, some of which are 11 or 12 years old,” he added.

Albert stated, “After being sentenced for violating a protective order, he actually threatened the victim in the courtroom.”

“As is consistent with the written plea, the state is asking for a three-year cap with no probation,” Assistant State’s Attorney Tiffany Campbell said.

Albert did point out that Barnes was entitled to 204 days of credit for time served.

Charles County Assistant Public Defender Zain Shirazi told the judge his client was in jail-based treatment already. Sharazi said the defendant has smoked marijuana, was addicted to cocaine and alcohol in his past. “He has come to a spot in his life where he recognizes that he has an addiction and he knows he would not be here if it weren’t for the drug abuse,” Shirazi said.

The defense attorney read aloud from a letter Barnes had written, stating, “I just wanted to be in my son’s life. I made a lot of bad decisions,” he read.

The judge gave him concurrent sentences of three years with 204 days of credit. She said if the defendant was able to find work she would grant work release and would consider an 8507 request for treatment toward the end of his sentence.

Originally posted at The BayNet: http://www.thebaynet.com/articles/0117/manviolatesprobationendsupinjailforthreeyears.html.

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