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La Plata, MD – A Marbury man was sentenced to 35 years in the Maryland Department of Corrections Monday, Oct. 17 by Charles County Circuit Court Judge H. James West.

Edward Eugene Coates, 38, received a sentence of 35 years for first-degree rape and an additional two years to run concurrently for violating the terms of his probation.

He was originally charged on April 17, 2016.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah K. Freeman informed the court that the victim’s mother wanted to make a statement before Coates received his sentence.

“My daughter’s life has not been the same since this incident,” she said. “I have forgiven him. I hope he finds it in his heart to never do things like this again.”

“I believe acute mental illness is the true reason this happened,” Charles County Assistant Public Defender Edie Cimino said. “Mr. Coates, who today is under medication, is a very different person from the person who committed this crime.”

“These cases are very hard,” West said while intiating the process of handing down his sentence. He went on to state that “The victim’s mother was hitting on something 100 percent accurate, and these types of events are devastating to families.”

“I understand how hard this is for your daughter and family,” he added.

One count one, first-degree rape, West sentenced Coates to 35 years.

He told the defendant that he must register as a Tier three sex offender.

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