The State’s Attorney’s Office is responsible for the enforcement of State criminal laws within the geographical borders of the County. It is an office created by the Constitution of Maryland.

The State’s Attorney’s Office presents cases in the District and Circuit Court. Cases in the District Court include misdemeanors (e.g., assault, destruction of property, theft, drug possession) and jailable traffic offenses (e.g., drunk driving, fleeing and eluding, driving while suspended). Felonies (e.g., murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, sexual offenses, burglary, drug distribution), jury trial prayers, and appeals from the District Court are prosecuted in the Circuit Court by the State’s Attorney’s Office. The State’s Attorney’s Office also handles juvenile cases.

The State’s Attorney’s Office is designated as the forfeiting agent for drug forfeitures involving both personal and real property.

The State’s Attorney’s Office is located in the basement of the Charles County Courthouse in La Plata. The police regularly consult with the State’s Attorney’s Office during criminal investigations. The State’s Attorney’s Office also has a specialized Victim/Witness Unit that apprises victims of the status of criminal prosecution.

Civil lawsuits involving the County are handled by the County Attorney’s Office.


The mission of the State’s Attorney’s Office is to protect the innocent and punish the guilty with the highest level of fairness and professionalism.